Thursday, May 24, 2012


Here's the summary of Part (Book) III and IV of the Book of Pastoral Rule by Gregory the Great (c.540-604)

Part III. How the Spiritual Director Who Lives Well Should Teach and Advise the Laity.


No same exhortation is suited for everyone for everyone does not share the same quality of character, as an exhortation for a child may not be useful for a grown up. A wise pastor therefore must know how to adapt his teaching or sermon to the various groups of his audience so it can address specific needs without downplaying the communal edification of the saints.

39. The preacher should avoid preaching over the heads of his hearers but should aim for simplicity and clarity of doctrine and life application.

40. He should learn to live by example what he preaches. The flock hears louder the actions that the pastor shows than the words that he speaks.

Part IV. The Preacher Should Always Remember His Humble Beginning So He Does Not Become Proud in His Life or Preaching.

Pride is a constant temptation to a preacher, especially when he is a gifted one. He thus have to remind himself of his many weaknesses before God so he learns to continually humble himself. God does perfect His servant but He often leaves him with imperfections that the servant might learn to despise himself and seek the grace of God and not the flattery of men.

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