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Serving Christ by the Grace of God

(A brief journey in the faith and ministry of Vic Bernales first shared at MEANS monthly meeting in Huntley, Illinois on April 2007).

Thank you for the privilege of joining you today. I was supposed to be here last month but God thought it best for me and my family to come here today instead. So I praise the Lord that I can be with you. I hope that my testimony of God's in my life will also help you reflect on the grace of God in your own life.

I grew up in a Roman Catholic family in central Philippines, in Capiz to be specific. I was baptized as an infant, catechized as a child and received confirmation in the Roman Catholic Church. I had known and believed in the doctrine of the Trinity and the virgin birth of Jesus Christ since I was a child. I also learned the Ten Commandments and I was active in Catholic youth activities in high school. Out of these experiences I have desired to serve God in full-time ministry as an ordained priest in the Catholic Church. How many of you here…