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God-given Talents for the Glory of God

(A short talk at the Homeschoolers Got Talent program of the Lighthouse Homeschool Network in November 2012)

Dear parents, friends, boys and girls,

This is the second year of our Homeschoolers Got Talent. It was a wonderful event last year and I’m looking forward to have another God-glorifying presentation from our children today. Yes, that’s what we want to witness and experience once again this afternoon – a God-glorifying presentation of talents and abilities from our children.

Boys and girls, whether your talent is in the area of music, the art, writing or speech, you have to recognize that your talent is from God. Talent, skills, and abilities are God-given that need to be discovered, developed and used not for personal selfish ambition but, as Dr. Philip Graham Ryken said, “… for the service of others and the glory of God.” Or to put in another way, the presentation of our God-given talents “is an expression of our love – love for God and love for our neighbor."

Children, G…