Sunday, February 12, 2017

God Uses the Ordinary to Accomplish His Purpose

If you think about it, many of the human instruments the Lord used to accomplish his divine purpose were unknown before they became well-known. In His providence and by His grace He calls ordinary and unknown man or woman (a few were even unnamed) to do exploits in order to advance His kingdom. 

There are times when God uses the best and the brightest, even the worst and the wicked, in extraordinary circumstance, to do what He has decreed beforehand. But often times He accomplishes His greater agenda through ordinary folks and by usual means in a very common situation.

As someone rightly said, "You may not have many gifts, talents or abilities but...whatever gift, talent, or ability God has given you, use it for His glory. Whatever influence [you have], whether great or small, use it for His glory. God may not give you a great deal of influence [or success] and that is okay. Focus not on the breadth of your ministry but on the depth of your ministry from God’s Word. Remember, it is not the most able who are blessed in their ministry it is the most holy."

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