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The Beast of the Earth

(This is a Bible study on Revelation 13:11-18 based on Rev. Keith Davis’s sermon of the passage)


I don’t think there’s any question that of all the books of the Bible, it is the book of Revelation that has generated the most interest from people inside as well as outside the church of Jesus Christ. But sadly, some of that interest has taken on a form of obsession. Some who are only Christian in name and have no interest in Christ or His church are oddly interested in the book of Revelation, reading certain parts of it with great regularity for different reasons – curiosity, some kind of knowledge of the future, etc.

So Christians as well as non-Christians have obsessed over this book. They have probed it; analyzed it; studied it; trying to uncover its so called mysteries. And without a doubt, the main passage over which people obsess, the #1 point of interest is the passage before us in Revelation 13:11-18.

There is a universal fascination with the number 666, the name and…

The Merciful Lord Heals the Paradigmatic Man

This week we in Davao City have the privilege of having a dear brother in Christ from the other side of the world, Michael Card. This Monday evening, Mike spoke to an audience of around three hundred people on the Gospel of Mark. On Tuesday night, he sang his songs before several hundreds of people and led in a solemn singing of the classic hymn, "Great Is Thy Faithfulness."

One of the things that struck me both in his talk and concert is his focus not on himself as a singer or speaker but on the message of the gospel and how it impacts our knowledge of God in Christ and ourselves.

If I am to highlight and summarize his message, I think it is captured by his song, “The Paradigm,” which is based on Mark 10:46-52, and has now become one of favorite Michael Card songs. The song focuses on Jesus’ encounter with the blind Bartimaeus. When Jesus and His disciples were about to leave Jericho on His way to Jerusalem, blind Bartimaeus shouted at the top of His voice, “Jesus, Son of …