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Only by the Grace of God

A short account of my conversion and call to the ministry

I was born and raised in a Roman Catholic family in central Philippines, in the province of Capiz to be specific. I was baptized as an infant, catechized as a child and received confirmation in the Roman Catholic Church. I had known and believed in the doctrine of the Trinity and the virgin birth of Jesus Christ since I was a child.

I also learned the Ten Commandments and I was active in church youth activities in high school. Out of these experiences I have desired to serve God in full-time ministry as a priest in the Roman Catholic Church.

But in spite of this, I grew up a disobedient child alien to the concept of the fear of the Lord. I may have looked nice and okay outwardly but deep within I was miserable. My conscience would always bother me and give me a strong feeling of condemnation and uncertainty of the future.

It wasn’t very obvious to others, but I was so afraid to die. Although I was told that Christ saves, still …